All together now: We Demand More!

Abortion Access Force is proud to be part of a coalition of organizations using our collective power to fight for the courageous women workers and caretakers, especially women of color, who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis and who are particularly vulnerable to its impact. Their lives, livelihoods, and families depend on lawmakers and business leaders doing more — and we need everyone to demand more. We’ve formed the We Demand More coalition to fight for five demands from Congress and corporate leaders:

  1. Prioritize our health and safety ahead of corporations.
  2. Get life-sustaining relief to us NOW. 
  3. Make state governments strong; they are our lifeline. 
  4. Stop the attacks on our reproductive health care.
  5. Protect our safety and our right to vote in 2020.

Go to We Demand More to sign the petition, and join us for a call-in day of action next Tuesday, May 19th!