This is not a sports podcast, we promise. M&M are joined by Jaye to tackle West Virginia, California, Klobuchar’s ridiculous party unity statement, and the “fantasy movement” of pro-choice terrorism. The day pro-choice abortion terrorists exist and are more of a threat than white supremacy, Marie will join Dan Lipinski in his personal tent. COME […]

THE POD JIHAD HAS GATHERED. Coming in hot in advance of their Bollywood debut, we have sex educator and abortion access activist Anqa Khan <applause, shrill Shakira ululation>. Along with the classic Moji-Marie ensemble, they take on Florida’s TRAP law bullshit going after minors, the performative joke that was the State of the Union, and […]

This week in the cell Moji , Marie and Lizz breakdown the week in fuckery.  We always love when pop culture talks about abortion but man, even when they are trying to good, it doesn’t help when they don’t do research. (Looking at you Shameless) Plus Indiana shames you into thinking you are a bad […]