Moji and Marie are Lizzless this episode, but bravely go forward with the optimism of knowing #45’s expiration date and anticipation of the Georgia runoff in early 2021. Simultaneously, imprisoned refugees in Atlanta who were sterilized against their will have conveniently been deported. Stay informed, fellow feminist buzzkills! Gathered in the Sleeper Cell Follow us […]

As of this recording, we still don’t have a president, (We don’t consider the WH occupant the president.) Sure, we’re all pissed about Susan Collins not collecting an unemployment check, but there are some UnFuckingUnbeloathesome lesser-known election winners committed to stripping us of our rights we are gonna tell you about. Spoiler Alert: TWOanon are […]

It’s a heavy ass episode. The whole team is having pre-election day night terrors and then there is the other stuff. The Scalia Bot has a lifetime job, Poland turned reproductive oppression up to 11 and the US signed on with the Saudis and Sudan to their heman woman-haters pact. All this and we UN-F**KING-PACK […]

Description: Moji and Marie grab the reigns for this episode of the Feminist Sleeper Cell! They unpack the racist anti-abortion rhetoric behind the Helms Amendment, have some choice words for Sen. Josh Hawley (who thinks the US Supreme Court actually cares what he thinks), and digest the unfortunate vote in Mexico that could have brought […]