Lizz is off in the Pacific Northwest, so Moji, Jaye and Marie are raiding the pro-abortion cookie jar. Join them in their conversation surrounding “fathers’ abortion veto rights” (NOT A THING), Brett Kavanaugh being greeted by rape whistles at his Federalist gala speech, and the awesome Dr. Colleen McNicholas testifying on behalf of the people […]

Moji is out with some sickness but Lizz and Marie hold it down. It’s been a good week for smacking abortion bans but a terrible week for Twitter bans.  FFS will someone please just do something other than punish any and all abortion related stuff! We can’t take it!  GATHERED IN THE SLEEPER CELL      Lizz […]

While America obsesses about all things impeachment, the road to destroying access to abortion keeps getting paved with trashass Judges being given lifetime appointments on the reg. We do a deep dive into the background of one of them whose single focus is abortion, birth control and anything else related to YOUR body that’s none […]