This week in the cell Moji , Marie and Lizz breakdown the week in fuckery.  We always love when pop culture talks about abortion but man, even when they are trying to good, it doesn’t help when they don’t do research. (Looking at you Shameless) Plus Indiana shames you into thinking you are a bad […]

The unholy trinity of Moji, Jaye and Marie have returned to address THE BULLSHIT. The infamous (alleged) human trafficker of Maricopa County has finally resigned his elected position, to focus on his felony charges full-time! Meanwhile in Missouri Rep. Mike Moon has taken a break from beheading poultry (there’s a video) to lobby for police […]

We hope your 2020 is off to roaring pro-abortion start! Moji and Marie are joined by Jaye today, to rehash the good and the bad of 2019, and look forward to what this new decade has to offer. While we tried to be optimistic the continued trend of white women voters TO ELECT SCUM PEOPLE, […]

Marie and Lizz hold it down because Moji is swamped with activisms and could sit it. On todays pod we do a deep dive into the deep state of abortion conspiracy theories. From “Ectopic pregnancies can live anywhere!” to the new “abortion murder laws” that Ohio politicians can’t get enough of. PLUS: Meet the latest […]