Operation Save Abortion: Alabama Special Edition

Check out our Very special edition of this weeks Pod. Instead of doing a proper Feminist Sleeper Cell show this week, Lizz, Moji and Marie, are bringing you the audio version of another show they do for our sibling org, Abortion Access Front.  AA Front are playing around with a video comedy talk show format so we thought we’d pull the audio to give you a taste of what we got cooking so listen and enjoy! This episode features a breakdown of all things Alabama with special guests from The Yellowhammer Fund and The West Alabama Women’s Center, a hilarious convo & standup set from the amazing comedianJoyelle Johnson, and we hit some top news stories that will explode your head. If you wanna watch the video cast, you can find it on all of our social platforms @abortionfront

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

Joyelle Johnson @joyellenicole

The Yellowhammer Fund @YellowFund

The West Alabama Women’s Center @alabama_west

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The Bullshit is Poppin’

Xavier Becerra for Secretary of HHS!

Arkansas Wants to Ban All Abortion

Arkansas Wants to Ban All Abortion

South Carolina “Heartbeat” Ban

Lauren Boebart Coming in Hot and Factless

The Discussion

Marie sits down virtually with Dr. Leah Torres, OB/Gyn and Reproductive Health Specialist and Laurie Bertram Roberts, Executive Director of The Yellowhammer Fund! Learn more about Alabama’s attempts at throttling abortion access and this powerhouse fund-clinic team bringing a mutual aid and reproductive justice framework to complete abortion care.

The Interview + Comedy Set

Lizz and Moji talk with Joyelle Johnson, comedian, activist, and an ardent supporter of abortion access. They talk about clinic outreach in Alabama (spoiler alert, most men suck), followed by a great comedy set by Joyelle!


  • Abortion Provider Appreciation Day is March 10! Email us at eunice@aafront.org if you’d like to send Thank Bank postcards to clinics across the country.
  • Join Us and Abortion Access Front for a Dirty Dancing Riff-A-Thon. We will be joined with specials guests as we screen one of the few films with abortion in it’s plot. Registration details will be shared soon!