Episode 92: Breathing Should Be A Constitutional Right

This week is never ending. On Thursday we watched as domestic terrorists blockaded an abortion facility in Washington, DC. We are finally hearing more news about 40 Days for Life hired security who pepper sprayed pro-choice supporters in California, but still no justice. And we are rolling into the weekend, (maybe watching Borat’s new flick?!), while we think about how Amy Coney Barrett’s anti-abortion vitriol is only matched by her racism. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

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Thursday Night Debate Thoughts

Breaking News Updates: Blockade Attack on Washington, DC Surgical Center

Quick Hits:

Anti-Abortionists Terrorize and Attack Pro Choice Supporters in California

Borat and Fake Clinics and Guilliani the Perv

Meaty story: Amy Coney Barrett, Continued

Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie Lazy Hacking to Abortion?!

1990s Lizz lived w/ Randi Credito < Randy was threatened with death (and his dogs) by Roger Stone, because of Julian Assange < Julian is a hacker!


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