Episode 71: Abortion Is Essential

Hey friends! Smells like quarateen spirit up in here! 

This week the cellmates are gathered and we are PISSSSSED!

Guess it’s not hard enough to wake up and figure out your life during a plague. Nope, the shittiest governors in America have decided to use a pandemic as an excuse to ban abortion. It is really scary and the states that are shutting down clinics are spreading faster than… well…really fast. 

Joining us on the pod to talk about what it’s like to be helping patients in one of those states, are Derenda Hancock and Kim Gibson founders of the non profit, We Engage and escorts at The Pink House, the last clinic left providing abortion in the state of Mississippi. Have a listen and learn how to mobilize with us online, it’s working! 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mkhanj

Quick Hits

State Trends of Anti-Abortion Aggression DURING A PANDEMIC 

Meaty Stories

Coordinated Effort by Susan B. Anthony List Aimed at State Governors to Stop Access

Abortion Access Force’s Advice is:

The Interview: Derenda Hancock and Kim Gibson of We Engage from Jackson, MS


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Mississippi Madness

The Opportunistic Side of Antis Knows No Bounds



Support Abortion Access in Texas!

Watch for information on our upcoming after show talkback of Mrs. America

Six Degrees of Abortion 

Brewerie/distilleries making hand sanitizer for first responders and medical staff

Hand sanitizer > Lizz has soap in her apartment lobby > She washes the soap off in her alley with a hose (!!!) > Moji and Marie and very very skeptical on this association…

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