Episode 68: My Body, My Cake

The pod jihad has returned from (what unfortunately has become) their monthly pilgrimage to the US Supreme Court! Once more they stood-up for abortion rights, as June Medical Services LLC presented opening arguments rallying for unfettered abortion access in Louisiana. It was full day that included joyful pro-abortion messaging by over 50 speakers, brought together by the Center for Reproductive Rights. We capped the evening off with a great gathering of activists, providers, and abortion funders. Keep supporting your local independent abortion clinic, and donate to them in honor of Abortion Provider Appreciation Day on March 10th!

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Anqa Khan @anqakhan

Marie Khan @mkhanj

Meaty Story  



Donate to your state’s clinic(s) for Abortion Provider Appreciation Day on March 10th!!!

Thank you for the Shout-Out by the BOOM! Lawyered Podcast

Our sister organization Abortion Access Front has a great comedy show on March 17th

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