Episode 35: State of EPIC Misinformation

Lizz and Julie discuss the flagrant misinformation about late term abortion dropped by Drumpf in his State of the Union. They’re also joined by comedian, journalist, and co-host of the amazing “Lady to Lady” podcast, Tess Barker. She discusses her recent reporting in The Guardian to highlight the mistreatment and harassment of NBA and NFL cheerleaders.

Show Notes:
*Tess’s Stories in The Guardian
Lauren Herington’s lawsuit against the Milwaukee Bucks
– An overall look at the mistreatment of NFL/NBA cheerleaders
– Spurs sudden dismissal of their dancers.

*Eunice’s State of the Uterus
*Stacey Abrams response to #SOTU
*The problems with Trump‘s abortion comments

Six Degrees of Abortion: Ina Garten

LPJ New York Show at Babeland
Check out our guest, Tess Barker, on social media