Episode 26: Vote the Scumbags Out

It’s the last weekend before the midterm elections! Get out and Vote! Lizz and Julie are together in Los Angeles talking the Golden Probes and their favorite scumbags that need to be voted out, including Steve West who is running for Missouri House Rep in the 15th district. His own children are actively telling people not to vote for him.

Show Notes:

– Watch The Golden Probes if you haven’t yet!
– Minnesota candidate Doug “very homophobic and definitely a part of a hate group” Wardlow
– More about Wardlow as an irrefutable monster
– Wait, Steve King is also an irrefutable monster.
– Oh, and just in case that didn’t convince you about Steve King…
538 poll that says abortion is pushing Dems to the polls. Fucking Finally!
– Medication abortion mail service in United States – Aid Access – from the folks at Women on Web / Women on Waves.
SIA Legal Team supporting people facing charges for self-induced abortions
– Missouri House candidate Steve West and his anti-Steve West kids

Halloween Costumes We loved!
Beyonce and Jay-z as track and field icons
Baby Prince
Buddy as Pizza

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