Episode 119: Furries Are Not A Gender

We really need to start waking up to better news this summer. This last week saw a cop go unpunished for protesting at an abortion clinic, while Ohio’s newly signed budget throttles providers and gives a cool six MILLION to fake clinics!!! Wake us from this nightmare.  PLUS we have the amazing Ohio clinic escort Kristin Hady, who joined Lizz and co last week in Phoenix to engage with anti-abortion terrorizors from Operation Save America. She and Lizz give you a play by play of their week dealing with these racists and misogynists!!!

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead 

Marie Khan @mjkhhn

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Quick Hits:

Kentucky Police Protections Strengthened to Protest Clinic

Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Ohio Budget With Terrifying Consequences for Healthcare

Meaty Story: OSA Phoenix Recap with Guest Kristin Hady

We are excited to be joined by Ohio clinic escort and AAF coalition member Kristin Hady! Kristin spent the last week with AAF in Arizona as they confronted Operation Save America in Phoenix, Arizona.

Six Degrees of Abortion

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