Episode 118: Fetuses Don’t Need Tax Breaks

You get Moji and Marie again this week!!! Lizz&Co are out exposing the toxic Evangelical masculinity of Operation Save America, which has descended on Arizona this week to preach their misogynistic hate. Our bright spots are the incredible Black folks running for office all over the US to try and enact REAL change (such as teaching Critical Race Theory in the classroom). We are on team #FreeBritney and demand that she be allowed the freedom to make her own reproductive choices and remind our listeners that so many People of Color face the same type of oppression and coercion. And the For Her Act out of Nebraska isn’t fooling us- its attempts at pushing fetal personhood in exchange for diaper money just don’t add up. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mjkhhn

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Quick Hits:

Exciting Political Happenings

Britney Spears Deserves Reproductive Freedom

Low-Down on the For Her Act 

Meaty Story: 

Part of the AAF team is in Arizona, confronting the intersectional hate group that is Operation Save America. Pro-abortion activists, allies, and providers have spent the week standing up to these monsters who especially are terrorizing clinics and patients in between their fire and brimstone sermons.

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