Description: We hope you are ready to enjoy a relaxing Juneteenth weekend while Moji and Marie DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE. North Carolina’s unconstitutional ban was stopped, but we are still nervous (and enraged) about anti abortion measures in Arkansas and Louisiana. We also watched On The Divide, a documentary that captures a snapshot of the lives of a clinic security guard, a clinic escort, and a fake clinic volunteer around a single clinic in Texas. It touched on a host of intense subjects, ranging from PTSD to domestic violence; this film was thoughtful and reflective in unexpected ways.

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Breaking News this Week from North Carolina

Arkansas Fighting to Provide Abortion Care

Louisiana Bans Poised for Signature

Irresponsible Journalism!!

Meaty Story:

Moji and Marie watched the On The Divide documentary (featured in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival) highlighting the lives and intersections of three Latinx folks in relation to an abortion clinic.

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