Episode 114: Props to the Air Police

Even though the Feminist Sleeper Cell is operating at two-thirds strength this week, Moji and Marie deliver 1000 percent fury. Apparently, without the Federal Aviation Administration, stalking an abortion provider with a drone would have continued unchecked (land police, again, fuck you). Waiting periods are still en vogue, because why on earth should you be able to get safe and legal medical care on your timeline? And Oklahoma and Idaho are taking turns at cynical so-called heartbeat bans. Our guest and AAF fake clinic expert Anna Bean lays out how to spot fake clinics, their rampant dangerous medical lies, and the tactics they employ to confuse and shame those seeking legitimate pregnancy options.

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits:

Just Your Friendly Harassing Evangelist Stalking with a Drone

Tennessee 48-Hour Mandate Begins

Abortion Ban Round-Up

Meaty Story

Fake Clinics Are Not Slowing Down

We are so excited to be joined today by Anna Bean, Director of Programs at Abortion Access Front. Anna coordinates a variety of projects, including AAF’s long-running Expose Fake Clinics project.

The Landscape

How to Combat Fake Clinics 

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