Episode 113: Mississippi, I do not think “Dignity” means what you think it means

Once again, we are reminded of conservatives myopic fascination with fetuses, as Xavier Becerra’s HHS finally rolls back restrictions on using fetal tissue in research that the Trump administration stopped. Call us when people actually care about the medical experimentation on Black and brown bodies. Then the cellmates lighten the mood as we unpack the total LACK of dignity in Tennessee’s looming law requiring fetal burial or cremation. And to ice this particular shitty pod cake, we close out talking about the truly egregious state of healthcare for detained or incarcerated individuals, WHO EVEN HAVE TO SUE on the individual level to access their abortion care, and are still fighting to not be shackled while giving birth. Shit is dark this week people, go with it. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits:

Biden reverses Trump’s Fetal Tissue Restrictions 

Tennessee Fetal Burial Demand

Restricting Access to Abortion Also Causes Maternal Death

Meaty Story

Reproductive Care in the Carceral System

Six Degrees

Can Lizz tie LeVar Burton to Abortion?!

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