Episode 112: USPS: Delivering Abortion Pills and Social Security Checks

This week has seen some HELPFUL news for increased abortion access, with changes in Haiwaii and movement by the FDA to reduce barriers to medication abortions. But these barriers should not exist TO BEGIN WITH, and are useless in states who go out of their way to criminalize pregnancy…like Texas.  The shit their legislators are coming up with, trying to penalize ‘aiding and abetting’ abortion, while they simultaneously want a SEVEN WEEK abortion pill cutoff! We get it- you’ve got an obsession with what you don’t control. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits:

Hawaii Expands Access… Kinda

FDA Expands Access… Sort of

Meaty Story

Texas is Wants to Return to 7 Week Medication Abortion Ban Limit

Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie Natasha Bedingfield to Abortion?

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