Episode 111: Abortion On Demand, And Then Some

The Arkansas House and Senate hit a new low this week advancing legislation criminalizing EXISTING AND FUTURE gender-affirming healthcare for minors-  making their newest abortion restriction look mild. BUT THE PIECE (OF SHITE) DE RESISTANCE is the deep dive we do into the shallow end of the talent pool and review the latest anti-abortion film, “Roe v. Wade.” 

AAF writer and comedian Molly Gaebe joins as we break down this hyperbolic fact-free-for-all, the brainchild of bloviating zygote fetishist Nick “Don’t let the rampant misogyny distract from the antisemitism”  Loeb. If you must watch this, HAVE A DRINK. Zero stars- that’s our rating and the number of quality actors who participated in this dreck. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

Special Guest:

Molly Gaebe @MollyGaebe

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Quick Hit

Arkansas Crucified Transcare and Added Duplicate Abortion Restrictions

Meaty Story

A conservative man made a movie about abortion! Because who should own this narrative? We are joined by Molly Gaebe, AAF staff writer, comedian AND co-host of Nevertheless She Existed, a badass podcast! The four of us watched Roe v. Wade SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO- you are welcome.

Six Degrees

Can Lizz tie Chet Hanks OR his White-Boy-Summer to Abortion? 

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