Episode 110: There’s an Intoxication Loophole?!

It’s April, Fools, and Lizz and Marie hold it down in the Sleeper Cell while Moji is home sleeping off her vaccine!! This week we have all the axes to grind! The first abortion case SCOTUS has agreed to take will have the 6-3 (and not in a good way) court decide if the Kentucky AG-ro can bring cases to SCOTUS that lower courts have RULED are trash. Oh the floodgates…  PLUS Two southwestern states are in a battle royal for the title  “Most Medically Unnecessary and Cruel Legislatures” And we channel our anger over a MN State Supreme Court ruling that reversed a rape conviction with Kaarin Long and Lindsay J. Brice, two of the local policy and legal experts who are working tirelessly to change the unjust law that led to all of it. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell:

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

Special guests: 

Kaarin Long

Lindsay J. Brice

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Quick Hits:

Kentucky AG continues to be TrashAF

Oklahoma’s Trinity of Restrictions

Texas Senate Passes A Week’s Worth of Bans

Meaty Story

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Today we talk with Kaarin Long, Women’s Rights Staff Attorney at The Advocates for Human Rights and Lindsay J. Brice, Law & Policy Director of Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault about the work being done to close Minnesota’s rape loophole.


Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie Abortion to Indie Music Festivals?


Sexual Assault Support and Awareness Resources

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