Episode 109: Did You Get Your Lawyers at Walmart?

WE ARE BAAAAACK! We start off this episode with a passionate endorsement of *ouid*- because that’s the only way to watch the new ‘Roe’ movie starring Tomi Lahren. Multiple states are competing over who can puff puff pass the most restricting and cruel abortion ban; they range from ‘sideways’ to a ‘direct challenge’ of constitutional law…because you know what really are tax dollars?!?!? We round out this episode with a thoughtful discussion about self managed abortion, joined by Plan C’s Amy Merrill!

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Quick Hits

Kooky Roe v Wade movie 

We are Fuming at Arkansas

South Carolina is ‘Sideways’ of the Constitution 

Meaty Story

Today our big story is self-managed abortion. What do you think when you hear that? danger, coat hangers, and last resort? Amy Merrill, Digital Director of Plan C joins us to explain self managed abortion, what it actually looks like, and how it is different from receiving abortion pills from a clinic!

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