Episode 108: Abortion Bans Cost Bank

Lizz is off having an organ removed but Marie and Moji hold it down in the Sleeper Cell! This week on the pod: “Having a Bad  Day” My Ass! Atlanta is yet another reminder that our country has sat idly by as racist Asian tropes have been passed off without being checked, and violence continues to escalate because of it. Spoiler Alert: Cops are just as awful to Asian Folks as Black Folks.

PLUS  Moji “Get off My Lawn” Alawode-El goes off on states wasting millions on abortion lawsuits while turning down medicaid expansion!

And pop the champers, pro abortion Xavier Baccera is in Da Cabinet!!

All that and breaking news from Illinois, Arkansas and in AWESOME NEWS, an anti abortion shitbag gets hit with a 27 million dollar fine and jailtime! Happy Friday! 

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Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits

Taxpayer Cost of June Medical

Pregnancy Care in Stimmy Funding

White Restitution

Repeal Parental Notice in Illinois NOW

Meaty Story 

Arkansas Bullshit


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