Episode 103: If You See Something, Say Something (to Kat Green)

We are baaaaaaack bitches!!! We’ve been busy y’all! We did a massive counterprotest of the March For Life, the largest anti abortion gathering in the US. And THE VERY NEXT DAY? A bomb threat at a clinic in Charlotte and and a protester in KKK robes harrasses patients in Milwaukee. The violence is escalating so we talk to AAF’s data kween Kat Green who tracks anti abortion violence and breaks down what is happening, who they are targeting and what we all can do to stop it!

Plus: Arkansas wants to force you to call a government pregnancy “hotline” before you can have your abortion! You don’t wanna miss Moji’s experience “calling” it and the “advice” she was given! 

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Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits

March For Life Takeaways and Our M4L Action 

Last Week’s Threats on Abortion Providers

Arizona’s 10 New Abortion Restrictions

Our Off-Broadway Depiction of Arkansas’ Useless Hotline

Texas Won’t Quit

Meaty Story

We refuse to back down on reminding folks that the very same people who terrorize clinics and abortion patients are also involved in other areas of domestic violence and white supremacy. We are joined by Kat Green, AAF Managing Director and resident manager of data on threats and acts, to talk about the trends and arcs in this area, and how grassroots efforts are getting the job done.

Six Degrees

Can Lizz tie JoJo Siwo to abortion?!


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