Best of the Feminist Sleeper Cell: Did You Get Your Lawyers at Walmart? Original Air Date: March 26, 2021, Episode 109

 We are busy this week and so it’s another “Best of” but we promise next week a piping, hot, fresh pod right out of the oven. Mmmm so delish. 

The cellmates decided this episode from March was a good ‘en because we had our fingers on the pulse on some of the most fucked up abortion bans from March of this year. You really can’t be reminded enough that Republicans are PROUD of wasting taxpayer money passing laws directly contrary to the constitution, especially now that we have a SCOTUS that has never heard of The Constitution. 

Plus, thankfully folks who worked on the “film” Roe V Wade, the diseased cruise ship of movie making, leaked every bad thing about it, so The Cellmates got to laugh and point at hellscape-that-is writer/director Nick Loeb’s mind. 

And finally, With hopes that telemedicine will continue to enable at least some to access the abortion pill, we re-visit our interview about self-managed abortion with Amy Merrill of Plan C. Live, Love, Laugh At Terrible People!

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Quick Hits

Kooky Roe v Wade movie 

We are Fuming at Arkansas

South Carolina is ‘Sideways’ of the Constitution 

Meaty Story

Today our big story is self-managed abortion. What do you think when you hear that? danger, coat hangers, and last resort? Amy Merrill, Digital Director of Plan C joins us to explain self managed abortion, what it actually looks like, and how it is different from receiving abortion pills from a clinic!

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