Golden Probes 2020: Iowa

The Golden Probes rollout launches TODAY, Wednesday, October 21, on @accessforce on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Abortion Access Force on Youtube any other place AAF can hijack!

We kick off the #GoldenProbes2020 with the great state of Iowa! Look at all the nominees, amazing politicians who have put “I in uteri! Just which one has earned the Golden Probe? @LizzWinstead presents the award from the Hawkeye state!

Abortion Access Force (AAF) is proud to announce the return of The Golden Probe Awards, AKA Misogyny’s Highest Honor, highlighting this year’s greatest achievements by politicians in the areas of repealing reproductive rights, sexism and gender inequality.
The hosts of the 2020 virtual Golden Probes are Lizz Winstead (AAF founder, “Daily Show” co-creator); Murray Hill (drag king and self-appointed “hardest working middle-aged man in show business”); comedian, writer and actress Joyelle Nicole Johnson (“Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Crashing); and Jameela Jamil, activist, actor, host and founder of the “I Weigh” podcast.

This year, the Golden Probes Academy (aka the AAF research team) has identified five swing states that have an abundance of politicians running for office who qualify for Misogyny’s Highest Honor. One winner from each state has been chosen based on their stellar performance as a standard-bearer for rife hatred of women and reproductive rights.
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Another crucial part of AAF’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers. These clinics bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment. Our work is served up across diverse media, from videos and apps to podcasts, and live shows. Pulling no punches, AAF gives voice and action to folks who care about access to abortion but aren’t sure how to fight back. The goal? To create a fun and active social community who work together to expose and remove politicians who are reproductive health hazards.

At AAF, we advocate strongly for the reproductive health and rights of women, all genders and non-binary people. Our advocacy has one mission: Whatever your gender identity, we will fight for safe, dignified and affordable reproductive healthcare. Join us! These anti-choice assholes aren’t gonna expose themselves…(except when they are).