Moji is out with some sickness but Lizz and Marie hold it down. It’s been a good week for smacking abortion bans but a terrible week for Twitter bans.  FFS will someone please just do something other than punish any and all abortion related stuff! We can’t take it!  GATHERED IN THE SLEEPER CELL      Lizz […]

While America obsesses about all things impeachment, the road to destroying access to abortion keeps getting paved with trashass Judges being given lifetime appointments on the reg. We do a deep dive into the background of one of them whose single focus is abortion, birth control and anything else related to YOUR body that’s none […]

The Sleeper Cell is dark  this week! Lizz is back in Minnesota deflating the bloated yak, and Moji and Marie are moving secret locations while kicking anti-abortion ass. But in our absence, read up on some of the biggest steamers that dropped in the repro news dumper this week.  This Week In Violent Masculinity: When […]

Moji, Marie and Lizz talk about the victorious ruling in Mississippi and the victorious-ish Georgia Ruling. Plus Moji does a deep dive into the politician the Daily Kos dubbed, “The crazy-stupid Republican of the day” Hint: He compared pregnant people to pigs and cows…  Also, fuck the DNC and their fuckety fuck rules… GATHERED IN […]