Description: Moji and Marie grab the reigns for this episode of the Feminist Sleeper Cell! They unpack the racist anti-abortion rhetoric behind the Helms Amendment, have some choice words for Sen. Josh Hawley (who thinks the US Supreme Court actually cares what he thinks), and digest the unfortunate vote in Mexico that could have brought […]

Greeting friends! It’s “Expose Operation Save America” week and Moji, Marie and Lizz have spent hours attending OSA’s online speeches and panel discussions during their annual gathering of the Misogyn-o’s. OSA is the scariest hate group you’ve never heard of and we will bring you soundbites and analysis of this event so you can learn […]

The gang is all here and we are very excited about the amazing news this week that restrictions on medication abortion have been lifted. But with so many caveats, just who will benefit? We dive in hard!  PLUS! ACTION ALERT: We give you all the deets about Operation Save America: Unmasked. Join us all next […]