Repro Madness Episode 66: Petty for Mankind

Julie and Abby remind us that we’re all just people at a Tom Petty concert. They run down the news, from Charlotte, NC where apparently abortion is all about men to Missouri where a certain lawmaker is taking on a much too hands on approach. They’re joined by a new intern – Solange! She gives us the inside scoop on the Lifetime miniseries that is Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser’s coming of age story.

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Daleiden AGAIN

Crucial Moments in History

Rural California

Charlotte Men

Colorado Yearly BC

Missouri Special Session

WARNING! Mike Moon Chicken Video

Texas is a MESS

N.H. The Purge: Pregnant Women

Indiana Teens
Court to hear ACLU, Planned Parenthood’s argument that new Indiana abortion law is unconstitutional

Irish Craziness