Repro Madness Episode 62: New York Times STAWP-ed

The New York Times seems to be canoodling with anti-choice groups in their op-ed section. Jenn, Molly and Julie discuss that and how the repeal of the ACA can alter abortion access in what we consider safe cities like New York and California. THEN Abby and Julie speak with Kelly Cleland from the American Society for Emergency Contraception about why no one knows that Plan B is not effective for women over 150lbs. (I KNOW – WHAT?). Kelly gives us literally all of the amazing information we could have asked for and more!

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Things discussed:

Fact Checking the NYTimes op-ed:

Fact Check PLEASE!

Trumpcare Sucks for Abortion:

Abortion Insurance coverage in NY and LA:

Revenge of the Turds

Alaska Turd:

Alaska turd reprimand:

Delaware doin it right:

Oklahoma doin it wrong:

American Society for Emergency Contraception:

Learn all the things about E.C.