Phyllis: The Schlaftershow Premieres April 17

Phyllis: The Schlaftershow is a “Talking Dead-esque” after-show about the Hulu/FX mini-series “Mrs. America” The story of Phyllis Schlafly, the anti LGBTQ, anti abortion anti ERA crusader.

Hosted by Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show and founder of Abortion Access Force), Moji Alawode-El (Feminist Sleeper Cell Podcast), and Molly Gaebe (Nevertheless She Existed), Phyllis: The Schlaftershow will hilariously recap each Mrs. America episode while also spilling the tea on the real life Phyllis, who never missed a day’s work trying to keep other women barefoot and pregnant!

Each episode will feature a special Phyllis expert who will bring further insight to the conversation. The guest for the premiere episode will be Michael Signorile (journalist and host of  Sirius XM Progress’s “The Michelangelo Signorile Show”). Signorile not only interviewed Schlafly several times before her death in 2016 but is also one of the few people to have interviewed her own gay son.

Phyllis: The Schlaftershow is the best tribute to Phyllis you could hope for. Funny and scathing commentary from Schlafly “enthusiasts” drinking 1970’s cocktails. Fun aside, this is going to be a great place to learn more about Phyllis Schlafly, why she mattered, and how her extreme views and activism around LGBTQ and abortion rights shaped today’s conservative movement. The Schlaftershow is a must-see for millennial Mrs. America fans. We lived through the 1970s so you don’t have to! And boy do we have stories.
Phyllis: The Schlaftershow premieres April 17th, 9/8c, streaming on YoutubeFB, Insta, and Twitter @accessforce, with new episodes dropping every Friday night at 9/8c through the end of May.