Hosts Lizz Winstead, Moji Alawode-El, and Molly Gaebe don their 1970s apparel and spill the tea on Phyllis Schlafly, the woman who saw the arc of history bending toward justice and said “hell no, not on my watch!” Our special guest on May 7th is former Missouri State Rep Stacey Newman. She served the city that the Schlafmonster […]

This week cellmates Moji, Marie and Lizz break down the latest case before SCOTUS as they hear arguments on the  bullshit notion that your boss should have a say about your birth control. Plus we look at a win in the bluegrass state, what lack of abortion access means for pregnant folks in Africa and […]

Greetings Virtual Cellmates! Today Lizz, Marie and Moji are assembled miles apart, talking about the oppressed anti abortion survivalists who have gathered at state capitals across America, furious that the government has been telling them what to do with their bodies. :cough, cough, side eye:: Because , you know, “IT’S MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO GET […]