Hey Sleeper cellmates! Tonight in the bunker Marie has the night off so Lizz and Moji fly solo! And because it’s fashion week MoJizz (worst or best name blend ever?) talk the hottest anti science trends on the oppression runway this fall. It’s a whole lotta ugly y’all! Enjoy.  GATHERED IN THE SLEEPER CELL Lizz […]

On this episode of the Feminist Sleeper Cell,  Cellmates Moji, Marie and Lizz unmask some sadass male fragility, like so sad they threw a parade to celebrate their repulsivity. Not a word. Is now.  Plus, if the media isn’t gonna call Brock Turner a rapist, we are happy to.  But our big story is the […]

This week in the bunker, Feminist Sleeper Cellmates,  Lizz, Marie and Moji remind Roy Moore and the politicians of Alabama that Ilhan’s congressional district doesn’t border on Alabama to the south. Also We deep dive into the good news/bad news ruling out of Missouri PLUS: We are taking action and fighting back against this Title X […]