Episode 96: It’s Not A State-Demic, It’s A Pandemic

We set you up with some positives going into the weekend! Telemedicine is finally breaking barriers in abortion care, and Massachusetts is rolling forward to codify abortion rights at the state level, sooo pop a cork to that! Also, Why da fuq is Alito trash talking Plan B and double da fuq, why was Bill Barr hugging anti abortion squabwabble Coach Dave Daubenmire this week? Huzzah we are joined by Feminist Flag Corps kween Michelle Love-Davis to break down Coach Dave’s antics and his history of hate. 

We air a clip of Coach Dave 36:46 – 40:12. (CW: Molestation, aggressive language, misogyny)

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

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Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks

Marie Khan @mkhanj 

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Quick Hits

Telemedicine is Taking Off

Massachusetts Progress

Immediate Changes Biden-Harris Can Make for Abortion Care

Meaty Story

Justice Alito’s Bigotry and Reproductive Ignorance

The Interview

When we saw that especially hateful (and creepy) Dave Daubenmire was sharing long embraces with US Attorney General William Bar, the FSC knew it was time to call in an expert. Michelle Love-Davis of Feminist Flag Corps and Women Have Options sits down with the pod and discusses the particular type of intersectional hate spread by Daubenmire. There is a content warning of sexual abuse in this section from 36:46 to 40:12.

Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie Diamonds to Abortion?


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