Episode 91: That Time a Cis White Man Didn’t Center Himself

This is a helluva week, folks. Tennessee was soundly rebuked for its “paternalistic” abortion waiting period by a federal judge; Texas folks can CONTINUE to get D&E procedures in their state; and abortion stories from two very different people broke this week. The big theme of the episode however is the US Supreme Court nomination process of Amy Coney Barrett this week, which we highlight in an interview with activist Kathleen Knost, who protested at the hearings this week. 

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell

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Guest:  Kathleen Knost

Quick Hits:

Waiting Periods Overturned in Tennessee

Some Good Abortion News out of Texas for Once

Unexpected Abortion Revealation

Gary Peters, First Senator to Tell His Abortion Story 

Meaty story: ACB Nomination Hearings 

The Interview: We are so excited to have Kathleen Knost, an Ohio activist who has joined AAF and Feminist Flag Corps in counter protesting, along with doing Ohio-based abortion fund and clinic support. She went to Washington DC on Monday to protest the SCOTUS nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. 

Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie the Lost City of Atlantis to Abortion?


Atlanta, GA is derived from Atlantis < one of our Golden Probes hosts this year is Joyelle Johnson, presenting from Atlanta


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