Episode 45: Candida Keller

August 8, 2019 EP 44

Today we are focusing on Candice Keller. A republican serving as the state rep for the 53rd district of Ohio since late 2016, Keller decided to weigh in about the Dayton shooting this week. Which, if you paid attention to the news there  was a horrific massacre by a man in his mid 20s on August 4th. In addition to killing 9 people and injuring almost 30, while he was in high school the suspect had a hit list and a rape list of those he wanted to violate. We aren’t doctors, but this all definitely suggests some mental health issues, and perhaps the reasonable argument that he shouldn’t have had access to firearms.

Keller, who also isn’t a doctor, had a few choice sentiments on the shooting:

Keller has also been the director of an anti abortion facility, Community Pregnancy Center, in Ohio since 2008. It’s got some great language on it’s site- “Share the gospel of Jesus Christ, uphold the sanctity of human life, promote sexual purity for all, and care for those hurt by abortion.” So right from the get-go you all should have an idea from the direction she’s coming from. The star of the horrible film “unplanned” is coming there for a fundraiser. They even have post-abortion services, which include helping with “post abortion stress syndrome.” SPOILER ALERT- ITS NOT REAL. Psychiatric and psychological organizations do NOT recognize this as thing, even though Keller and folks like her want it to be viewed on the level of PTSD. And to help with this supposed PTSD-type diagnosis? A 10 WEEK BIBLE STUDY. [Moji weighs in on PASS.] 

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Michelle Love-Davis of Women Have Options 

Her CPC http://www.pregnancychoice.net/programs-services/p-a-c-e/

Shooter links: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dayton-shooting-hit-list-rape-list-bellbrook-high-school-classmates-say-ohio-shooter-connor-betts/

2018 Golden Probes Nominee!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax9M7qOgfhA

“Researchers say that when women who have abortions experience lasting grief, or more rarely, depression, it is often because they were emotionally fragile beforehand, or were responding to the circumstances surrounding the abortion — a disappointing relationship, precarious finances, the stress of an unwanted pregnancy.”

Post-abortion syndrome 


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