Episode 43: How about a Reproductive Independence Day?

Gathered in the Sleeper Cell This Week

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead

Jaye McBride @jayeMcBride

Sarah Hatshorne @sarahbhartshorne

Marie Khan @mjkhhn

Moji Alawode-el @mojilocks

BREAKING NEWS: And it’s Good. WTF!

Stories We Dive Into This Week

Sarah H brings us a boat load of shitty legislation passed IN 5 STATES that have become law, or are about to come into law THIS MONTH! 

Shout out to Rewire for this excellent and terrifying round up! 


The very bad, horrible, fuckwit of a judge who refused to convict a rapist of rape after the dude ADMITTED TO THE RAPE. Wha, how why? Listen up, you will punch some shit. 

And in Six Degrees of Abortion

Moji tries to stump Lizz with Lil Naz X. Think she can connect him to abortion? 

Listen up to find out! 

Plus Garbage Fyre Fest is coming up! 


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