Episode 33: Stork, This!

Lizz comes to you from D.C. where a crew from Lady Parts Justice League is prepping to protest the March for Life. Julie phones in from a water logged Los Angeles. Joining them on the podcast this week is Sharon Kann. Sharon is the abortion rights and reproductive health program director at Media Matters. Media Matters has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to reporting on reproductive rights. Sharon joins us to discuss the problem with how certain media outlets cover the March for Life… aka, they don’t do a good job.

Show Notes:
Sharon Kann’s article about the coverage of March for Life 2018
Media Matters

Six Degrees: Carol Channing on Free to be You and Me.

LPJ Events: Join us in DC here and here.
Plus, join Julie at this awesome Roe Anniversary event at the end of the month in Los Angeles.