Episode 14: Why Kavanaugh is a Hard PASS + Special Guest!

Julie talks all about Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nom for the Supreme Court. Who is he? How does he feel about bodily autonomy? Why on earth would we ever care that he coaches girls basketball? Plus, a special guest interview with Joyce Shorr, the President and Founder of one of the largest and longest running national abortion funds in the country. She’s been in the fight for a long time – THANK goodness she exists. Listen Up!

Show Notes:

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project and the amazing Joyce Schorr
Brett Kavanaugh on Roe and his love of Rehnquist
Review of more than just his repro history
Priests for Life Dissent (starts page 28)
Liberal Op-ed we didn’t ask for
Kavanaugh the…basketball coach?

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