Episode 105: #RestInPiss

We open with the sad news that South Carolina passed a so-called ‘heartbeat’ ban- rest assured though, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights has already filed suit on this attack on abortion care. We bask in Rush Limbaugh’s passing; when you dedicate a standing segment on your radio show to celebrating the deaths of gay men from AIDs, we will toast your death. Montana has been hit with no less than SIX abortion restrictions in the works, and we are watching a Book of Revelations-eque piece of Tennessee legislation that would allow the sperm source to block an abortion. (Spoiler alert: no one cares about rape or incest.) But the big news from this week is how the horrific weather that has hit Texas and other areas of the South will create immediate effects on accessing abortion care, once clinics and funds can reopen. 

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Breaking News

South Carolina “Heartbeat” Ban Passed

Quick Hits

A Moment of Non-Silence for the Shit People We Lost in 2021

Montana Legislation Pushes Half a Dozen Abortion Restrictions

Tennessee Bullshit

Meaty Story

What Happens When Weather, Politicians, and Systematic Racism Collide

Six Degrees

Can Lizz Tie Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock to Abortion?!


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