Y’all this is a WEEK. We’ve got South Carolina trying to ban abortion before most folks know they are pregnant; HHS prospect Xavier Beccerra facing a barrage of questions about JUST abortion because THAT’S the health crisis we’re facing…SMDH AND if that isn’t bad enough one of Marie’s pet snails ate another one. PLUS- We […]

We open with the sad news that South Carolina passed a so-called ‘heartbeat’ ban- rest assured though, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights has already filed suit on this attack on abortion care. We bask in Rush Limbaugh’s passing; when you dedicate a standing segment on your radio show to celebrating the deaths […]

 ::TRIGGER WARNING:: on this episode.  Ok, Now that we have said that, it’s not “all” triggering, but a heads up is important.  First off, we forgot to say “HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR,” so Happy year of the Ox!!!  In this ep we talk about some dope folks already bringing  some serious Ox vibes. Powerhouse New […]