The Arkansas House and Senate hit a new low this week advancing legislation criminalizing EXISTING AND FUTURE gender-affirming healthcare for minors-  making their newest abortion restriction look mild. BUT THE PIECE (OF SHITE) DE RESISTANCE is the deep dive we do into the shallow end of the talent pool and review the latest anti-abortion film, […]

WE ARE BAAAAACK! We start off this episode with a passionate endorsement of *ouid*- because that’s the only way to watch the new ‘Roe’ movie starring Tomi Lahren. Multiple states are competing over who can puff puff pass the most restricting and cruel abortion ban; they range from ‘sideways’ to a ‘direct challenge’ of constitutional […]

Lizz is off having an organ removed but Marie and Moji hold it down in the Sleeper Cell! This week on the pod: “Having a Bad  Day” My Ass! Atlanta is yet another reminder that our country has sat idly by as racist Asian tropes have been passed off without being checked, and violence continues […]