Week two of 2021 has almost come to a close and my god we have aged. From SCOTUS deciding it’s safer to navigate a pandemic than getting your abortion by mail, to watching the number of antis being exposed for participating in terrorism climb faster than the National Debt clock, we are dizzy y’all. We […]

This week is a racist kick in the teeth to start 2021. While we should be celebrating the power of the electoral process in Georgia, accomplished only by the work of Black women, we saw the US Capitol sieged by domestic terrorists. Tune-in as we name the prominent anti-abortion extremists who also showed up, and […]

Molly Bangs of Equity Forward is here to guide us through our third and final trimester. There are way too many appointed vaginal crossing guards empowered to make regulations about your body and this year they destroyed some programs that folks count on to access care. We cover some of the scariest rules that were […]

The Feminist Sleeper Cellmates sit down with the “Beyonce of Abortion Storytelling” Renee Bracey Sherman, for the second trimester of our end-of-year trilogy! Join us as we cover the year in monstrous legislation and discuss why storytelling is crucial in our fight for justice, and to putting an end to legitimizing proposing these laws in […]